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  • EcoEng-online: What will the future bring? By Andreas Schoenborn, Editor, Switzerland.
  • Don't Mix. Interview with Uno Winblad, Sweden, about his professional history, ecological sanitation and his current work in China. By Andreas Schoenborn, Switzerland.
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  • All Things Considered? Basic Research on Homeopathy May Shed a Different Light on the Recycling of Wastewater. By Andreas Schoenborn, Switzerland
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  • Constructed Wetlands: An Alternative for Treating Winery Wastewater. By Heather L. Shepherd and Mark E. Grismer, USA


Book Reviews

  • Britain: IWA Specialist Group on the Use of Macrophytes in Water Pollution Control
  • China: Conference on Ecological Sanitation in Nanning, 2001
  • Germany: EcoSan Symposium in Bonn, Oct. 2000 - a Short Digest
  • Germany: 10th International Conference on Rainwater Catchment Systems in 2001
  • IEES: New Archive Editor for EcoEng-online
  • India: New Book on Waste Recycling and Resource Management in the Developing World
  • Switzerland: PhD Thesis on Phytoremediation Completed
  • Switzerland: Fish Decline in Switzerland - New Joint Project
  • Switzerland: Brochure to Assist Decision Makers on Extensive Wastewater Treatment
  • USA: Ecological Engineering Opportunities at Ohio State University
  • USA: American Ecological Engineering Society Soon to be Formed
  • WWW: - an Interactive Textbook on the Web
  • Upcoming conferences and courses!
  • What's the alternative? Observed and recorded by Carl Etnier
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  • Urine Recycling - Recent Insights

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