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  • EcoEng-online: Changes aheadBy Andreas Schönborn, Switzerland.
  • There is no dancer but the dance. Interview with IEES president Johannes Heeb. By Andreas Schönborn, Switzerland.
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Focus Topic
My Project
Letters to the editor
  • Two New Books on Treatment Wetlands in Cold Climate Areas
  • New IWA-publication - Decentralized Sanitation and Reuse
  • New UNDP / SIDA Publication on Ecological Sanitation
  • CD-ROM on Forest Development in the Swiss Alps and in the South
  • Canada: WATERSAVE - A Water Reclamation System Design Tool
  • Germany: Ecosan Newsletter / Ecosan Proceedings
  • Germany: Statement by the Participants of the 10th International Conference on Rainwater Catchment Systems, Mannheim, Germany, 10-14 September, 2001
  • Germany: Joint Project "Bewachsene Bodenfilter"
  • Germany: New Masters Degree in Ecological Engineering (Ingenieurökologie)
  • IEES: Administration has moved to Estonia
  • India: FARMS - Software for Monitoring Farm Performance
  • USA: American Ecological Engineering Society Founded
  • WWW: - The United Nations Environment Network
  • Upcoming conferences and courses!
Joe's Corner
  • An appeal from the authorities.
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  • Who did all that...
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