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No. 12, June 2006

Good winds for Ecological Engineers

Some thoughts about the general atmosphere for Ecological Engineering, the IEES as project platform and its new logo, criteria for good ecological engineering. Finally, a push for more readers: your help is appreciated.

By A. Schoenborn-Schaller, Co-editor
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Water from the Well - Still a reality?

"Community wells are great feasts for the mind and the soul. It is a place where people come together to take baths and to wash their cloths. It is usually a place of fun and laughter."

R. Shanthini about well culture in Sri Lanka.
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Phototrophic biofilms and their application - towards a unifying concept

In the Dutch PHOBIA project, a close look was taken at phototrophic biofilms and their potential application in water treatment.

Jan Rijstenbijl gives a brief overview
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Optimising waste flow in a printing plant in Cameroon

N. Siegenthaler and T. Graf assessed the material flows of a printing plant and helped sketch solutions. And they encountered a couple of surprises.
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Community mobilization for Water Supply Schemes in India

M. Mudgal writes describes a parti-cipatory, demand driven approach to ensure the financial viability and sustainability of water supply schemes in Madhya Pradesh.
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Towards the sewerless city - experiences from Solar City

A. Schoenborn reports about first experiences from the largest European ecosan pilot project at Linz, Austria

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Ferro-cement composting unit for your garden

In chapter 5 of our series, R. Shanthini and K. Walgama describe how you can build a durable composting unit for your garden using ferro-cement.
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Ecosan in Papua New Guinea

A brief report by Mary Piafu on Ventilated Improved Pit Latrines as cost-effective sanitation systems for local communities in Papua New Guinea

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IEES becomes an institutional platform for EU projects

IEES is currently involved in three projects of the European Union and is becoming widely accepted as institutional platform. A report by K.Conradin.
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New interactive CD-ROM for ecosan capacity building

An extensive course for self-study or classrooom teeaching that makes available lots of unstructures information on the subject

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Satire: Joe Swamp and the man that won't eat

Our friendly beast has an encounter in his direct neighbour that makes him ponder about science, reality and the importance of eating

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New book Eco Civilization 2140
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