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Case Studies
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In the list below you find a list of examples for inspiring and good practice in Ecological Engineering. Pick one of your choice and click on it!

If you want to contribute a case study of your own, please contact me.


Hein van Bohemen

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01 - Polishing wastewater in a wetland at Everstekoog, Netherlands
02 - Reclaiming wastewater in Windhoek, Namibia
03 - Holistic housing, gardening and landscaping at Vacratot, Hungary
04 - Creating a network of nature areas across the nation, Netherlands
05 - Defragmentation of wildlife habitats on a nation-wide scale, Netherlands
06 - Energy sufficient office building in Leiden, Netherlands
07 - Wateredges, art and nature in Dallas, Texas, USA
08 - Green roofs on public buildings in the Netherlands
09 - Green noise barriers in Hoogeind, Breda, Netherlands
10 - Membrane technology and a Living Machine for wastewater treatment, Netherlands
11 - Recycling human wastes at a student dormitory in Aas, Norway
12 - Solar heating and CO2-neutral living at the Zonneterp, Netherlands
13 - Tropical Greenhouse at Ruswil, Switzerland
14 - Wastewater treatment and reuse, India
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