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Case Studies
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In the list below you find a list of examples for inspiring and good practice in Ecological Engineering.

It will be extended and updated in the process of shaping "new" IEES in the coming months,.


Andreas and Raffael, IEES co-presidents
contact@iees.ch, June 2017

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01 - Polishing wastewater in a wetland at Everstekoog, Netherlands
02 - Reclaiming wastewater in Windhoek, Namibia
03 - Holistic housing, gardening and landscaping at Vacratot, Hungary
04 - Creating a network of nature areas across the nation, Netherlands
05 - Defragmentation of wildlife habitats on a nation-wide scale, Netherlands
06 - Energy sufficient office building in Leiden, Netherlands
07 - Wateredges, art and nature in Dallas, Texas, USA
08 - Green roofs on public buildings in the Netherlands
09 - Green noise barriers in Hoogeind, Breda, Netherlands
10 - Membrane technology and a Living Machine for wastewater treatment, Netherlands
11 - Recycling human wastes at a student dormitory in Aas, Norway
12 - Solar heating and CO2-neutral living at the Zonneterp, Netherlands
13 - Tropical Greenhouse at Ruswil, Switzerland
14 - Wastewater treatment and reuse, India
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