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Idealised Water and Nutrient Loop. Source: SEECON 2010The Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM) Toolbox is a free and open source tool to develop capacity for sustainable sanitation and water management at the local level.
The Toolbox considers the entire water cycle from source to sea, and back. It focuses on human influence on the water cycle, and presents solutions for a sustainable use, treatment and reuse of water resources on the local level, thereby linking water management, sanitation and agriculture.

The toolbox helps in finding an answer to the following core question:
With what kind of processes, measures or tools can I optimize my local sanitation and water management system and make it more sustainable?

Hundreds of well established approaches and good practice examples do exist. Yet - searching for a special case or tool to optimise water and wastewater use is long and arduous, and it is easy to loose oversight and get lost in details. The SSWM Toolbox allows users to find all relevant information and plan own approaches, while keeping a holistic approach in mind. It combines process and planning tools, software and technological approaches and links them with publications, articles and weblinks, case studies, training material and presentations.

Conradin, K., Kropac, M., Spuhler, D. (Eds.) (2010): The SSWM Toolbox. Basel: seecon international gmbh. URL: http://www.sswm.info

Source: seecon gmbh, Basel, Switzerland
Last Updated ( Friday, 17 December 2010 )
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