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THE IEES provides a common forum for diverse persons and groups involved in ecological engineering projects. These include traditional engineers, marine biologists, ecological economists, development workers, and many others. The IEES is a non-profit organisation which seeks to:

  • Promote contacts between scientists and eco-engineers from different countries and coordinate their activities; 
  • Improve the cooperation between ecologists and engineers; 
  • Exchange information in the field of ecological engineering among scientific and educational organizations, private enterprises, non-governmental organizations and governmental bodies.
ACTIVITIES To achieve these aims, IEES
  • Initiates and coordinates international research and application programmes;
  • Organizes international conferences, meetings and courses on ecological engineering;
  • Publishes scientific studies and popular scientific material on ecological engineering.
IEES BOARD (elected Aug. 16, 2012)
  • Hein van Bohemen (The Netherlands, TUD)
  • Anja Brüll (Germany, aquatectura)
  • Johannes Heeb (Switzerland, seecon) Co-president
  • Petter D. Jenssen (Norway, UMB) Co-president
  • Ülo Mander (Estonia, GIT)
  • Tönu Mauring (Estonia, CEET)
  • Heinz-Peter Mang (Germany, GTZ/CIM-IEEP)
  • Andrew J. Dakers (New Zealand, EE Center Christchurch) Secretary & Treasurer
  • Ken Gnanakan (India, ACTS)
  • B.B.Jana (India, University of Kalyani)
  • Razak Seidu (Ghana, Student Representative)
  • Rusong Wang (P.R. China, CAS)
  • Grit Bürgow (Germany, aquatectura)
  • Peter Goethals (Belgium, U. of Ghent)
  • Manoj Pandey (Nepal, Master student)
  • Ruud Kampf (The Netherlands, Waternet)
MEMBERSHIP ADVANTAGES We invite persons interested in ecological engineering to become members of the society. The membership fee includes online access to all issues (since 1992) of "Ecological Engineering - The Journal of Ecotechnology" edited by William J. Mitsch and published by Elsevier Science Publishers.

Disclaimer: This offer is only valid for private persons and not for institutions.
Ordinary members:
  • US$ 90* if paid with credit card or cash
  • US$ 40* if not subscribed to journal Ecological Engineering
Members from low salary countries:

  • US$ 45* if paid with credit card or cash
  • US$ 10* if not subscribed to journal "Ecological Engineering"

  • US$ 50* (copy of valid student ID required)
  • US$ 10* if not subscribed to journla Ecological Engineering
Membership fee must be paid in advance (January of running year)

* If paid by check: plus 5 US$
STATUTES of the International Ecological Engineering Society can be found HERE
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ADDRESS For further information please contact:
c/o Dr.Johannes Heeb
Bahnhofstr. 2
CH-6110 Wolhusen
Phone: +41-41-490 40 81
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Last Updated ( Thursday, 16 August 2012 )
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