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THE "new" IEES In the process starting now, we want to redefine IEES and its scope.

We, the 2 new co-presidents of IEES, believe that “new IEES” has a future if it becomes an international advocate and lobbyist for integrated, ecologically sound practices and systems. It should move away from single technologies and promote ecological systems thinking across the disciplines and professional fields that are involved in engineering activities. It should promote principles derived from ecology as guidelines for integrated engineered solutions. And it should start a continuous process of reflection about the applicability and validity of these principles in an open-minded and dynamic way.

ACTIVITIES To be defined within the process
IEES Presidents (elected Sep. 1, 2016)
  • Andreas Schoenborn (co-president)
  • Raffael Kaenzig (co-president)
STATUTES of the International Ecological Engineering Society can be found HERE
ADDRESS For further information please contact the co-presidents
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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 07 June 2017 )
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