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Ecological Engineering - The Journal of Ecotechnology A journal to bridge between ecologists and engineers, as ecotechnology is not wholly defined by either field.
Published by Elsevier (Link to Journal )
Landscape and Ecological Engineering. Published by Springer.
URL: http://springerlink.com/content/112761/

Books on Ecological Engineering

Van Bohemen, H. (eds.), 2005. Ecological Engineering - Bridging between Ecologgy and Civil Engineering. Aeneas Technical Publishers, Delft
Kangas, P., 2004. Ecological Engineering - Principles and Practice, Lewis Publishers 
E. Tiezzi, C.A. Brebbia and J.-L. Uso (eds), 2003. Ecosystems and Sustainable Development IV (2 volume set), WIT Press, UK
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Proceedings of the Conference at Stensund Folk College, Sweden, March 24-28, 1991
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Mitsch,W.J. and S.E.Jørgensen (eds.),1989. Ecological Engineering: An Introduction to Ecotechnology. Wiley, New York.

Workshop Reports from the EcoEng Conference in Christchurch, 2002

Dakers, A. & Arshad, A., Workshop Report: Ecological engineering for sustainable regional development: Banks Peninsula case study
Download as PDF document (135 kB)
Lewthwaite, W. & van Toor, E., Workshop Report: Urban eco-technology and infrastructure
Download as PDF document (540 kB)
Thorpe, H., Workshop Report: Ecological Engineering Education
Download as PDF document (120 kB)
Griffin, M., Workshop Report: Planning an ecological farm-park for the city of Christchurch
Download as PDF document (504 kB)
Peet. J., Workshop Report: Ecological engineering and decision-making
Download as PDF document (115 kB)
Tanner, C., Workshop Report: Wetlands and aquatic systems for wastewater and stormwater management.
Download as PDF document (29 kB)
Rutherford, K., Workshop Report: Integrated Riparian Engineering
Download as PDF document (8 kB)

Books on Ecological Sanitation

Del Porto, D., Steinfeld, C., 2000. The Composting Toilet System Book, Published by the Centre for Ecological Pollution Prevention (CEPP), Concord, Mass., USA.
Esrey, S. A., Gough, J., Rapaport, D., Sawyer, R., Simpson-Hébert, M., Vargas, J., Winblad. U. (ed)., 1998, Ecological Sanitation, Published by SIDA. (Downloads in English, French, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese available from http://www.gwpforum.org )

Esrey, Steven A., Andersson, Ingvar, Hillers, Astrid, Sawyer, Ron, 2001: Closing the Loop - Ecological Sanitation for Food Security, SIDA publications on Water Resources No. 18, 1st edition 2001, ISBN No. 91-586-8935-4

Lens, Piet, Zeeman, Grietje, Lettinga, Gatze, 2001: Department of Environmental Technology, University of Wageningen, The Netherlands: Decentralized Sanitation and Reuse, Concepts, Systems and Implantation; IWA-Publishing, Integrated environmental technology series, 650 pages, ISBN: 1- 900 222- 47-7.
Magidy, J., Dalsgaard, A., Henze, M., 2001, Closing the Rural-Urban Nutrient Cycle - New Trends in Organic and Blackwater Waste Management http://www.unep.or.jp/ietc/Focus/Closing_NutrientCycle1.asp

Books on Constructed Wetlands

Kadlec, R., Knight, R., 1996. Treatment Wetlands, CRC Lewis Publishers
A standard book for any engineer who wants to design constructed wetlands.
Vymazal, J., Brix, H., Cooper, P.F., Green, M.B., Haberl, R., 1998. Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment in Europe, Backhuys Publishers, Leiden
A review of the state of the art in Europe, with reports from 15 European conutries.
Ü. Mander and P.D. Jenssen (eds), 2002. Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment in Cold Climates, WIT Press, UK
Ü. Mander and P.D. Jenssen (eds), 2002. Natural Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment in Cold Climates, WIT Press, UK
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