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Talk of change - on mobiles and ecosan Print
mobilecosan.jpgIn some developing countries mobile communication comes as fast as a flash tide. Jeroen IJgosse ponders about this rapid development, as he witnessed it in Suriname.
Jeroen IJgosse writes: "Time and time again, whilst traveling along the river in the interior of Suriname and walking through the villages, I heard that urban sound of a mobile phone. It made me think of a reflection good friend of mine at WASTE, made a something along the lines of that it is easier to get people in line for a cell phone than for a good sanitary facility.
Well it got me thinking and one thing let to another and the result was this presentation."

His nice and heartwarming presentation can be downloaded here:

Download presentation (PDF, 2.9 MB)

Spanish and Dutch language versions are directly available from him, too.
Last Updated ( Friday, 29 August 2008 )
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