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NoMix Pilot at Liesthal discontinued Print
nomix_bl.jpgThe Swiss pilot trial with urine separation toilets in a public library in Liesthal (Canton of Baselland) has been recently discontinued. According to the online newspaper bazonline.ch, the NoMix toilets did not serve their purpose well enough.
The aim of the pilot trial was to separately collect urine and feces with the help of a specially designed toilet, collecting urine in the front part of the toilet bowl, and feces in the rear part. However, kids  - an important user group in this particular public library - due to their shorter legs were often not able to defecate into the right part of the toilet bowl. This lead to the necessity to frequently clean the NoMix toilets, a tedious activity.

Another surprise was that the amount of collected urine was much lower than expected. A positive finding, according to bazonline.ch, was that clogging of pipes were not a problem at the Liesthal trial.

Read the full article at bazonline.ch (in German).
Last Updated ( Friday, 24 April 2009 )
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