Lighthouse projects

There are lots of great designed and implemented Ecological Engineered projects.
Here, we present some of the most impressing examples of our IEES members.

Are you a IEES member with a project which you can present here? Please do not hesitate contacting us!

Polishing wastewater in a wetland at Everstekoog, Netherlands

Project name: Polishing constructed wetland Everstekoog, Texel, The Netherlands Keywords: On the island of Texel the effluent of the oxidation ditch Everstekoog is being treated in a full scale wetland system (nearly 4000 m3/day). The project shows that it is possible to change the effluent from the Sewage Treatment Plant into a more natural water … Read more

Wastewater treatment and reuse, India

Decentralized Wastewater Treatment and Reuse System for a College in Badlapur, INDIA Keywords: In this decentralized system the wastewater from a college in India with 2600 student is treated and the nutrients and water is reused for agriculture and irrigation purposes. In the multi-step treatment process no energy is required. Moreover, during the anaerobic treatment … Read more